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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 19, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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list. thanks so much, doctors. see you next week. >> have a great week. >> jamie: we are counting down to some of the biggist events leading up to this year's presidential convention. after the contentious charges over medicare dominate the campaign trail. both democrats and republicans are kicking their campaigns into high gear in the run up to the party convention. good morning. i'm jamie colby. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. you know, yesterday, congressman ryan had his mom, betty, with him and put the personal spin on the medicare debate and put president obama's re-election team on the defensive. the president spent his time attacking the republican position. sorting it out is steve
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centanni. >> reporter: this weekend, a tight focus on medicare. both mitt romney and president obama vow to save medicare. but they have very different ways of doing that. vice-presidential candidate, paul ryan, author of a budget reform medicare, appeared alongside his 78-year-old mother in florida, adding a personal note to a heated political debate. he says his family has benefitted from medicare, his mother and grandmother and everybody should enjoy the same promise. democrats came back with this message today. >> if he wants to protect medicare for his mother, he should thank, first of all, president obama for what he has done to extend the life of the medicare trust fund, to help seniors with prescription drug costs, to help seniors get free preventive care. chris, what president obama did was strengthen the medicare benefits, to help medicare
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beneficiaries and to extend the life of the trust fund by more than 8 years. >> reporter: president obam campaigned in new hampshire yesterday, defending his policies, saying the republicans would end medicare as we know it and institute a voucher system that would force seniors to pay $6,000 a year more out of pocket. republicans are pushing back. >> the runningal budget office says that the assumptions about the -- the medicare trust fund part a. being solvent through 20 24 under the obama care proposal is unrealistic. that's a fact. what we do know is that, as we heard robert gibbs say, they are funding obamacare, take $716 billion out of medicare -- now. >> reporter: the candidates have no scheduled appearances today. >> eric: thanks, steve. jamie? >> jamie: eric, thank you. steve, great itee you. with the election less than 12 weeks away, the unemployment
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rate continues to rise in almost all u.s. stairkts including many battleground states where the race remains oh, so tight. how could this impact election? we have a political analyst and the national political correspondent for talk radio news service -- busy guy. and a former chief of staff to west virginia, senator. you both made time for us, thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie: chris n44 states, the unemployment rate in july went up. there are too many people out of work. make the argument that democrats have a plan to put this country back to work? >> well, listen, the economy and obviously, you know, the unemployment rate will be the top issue in this election. i think everyone agrees on that. what i think voters look at the candidates and they say who is a better president to lead this country for the next four years, they look at in terms of president obama and what he has
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done to turn this economy around, he inherited a mess from the previous administration. that's a fact. we were losing an incredible amount of jobs in the earlier months, compared to where we are now. the economy has stabilized. it is not growing as fast as we want. but i think everyone realizes how much we have turned a corner into a more positive direction. the critical point is that when you ask people about who better understands you, who better understands the middle class, obama wins that criteria -- >> jamie: i have to jump in. you left off one part of the answer. will president obama have the same plan he has right now you credited for putting people back to work, or do you expect more change he will want people to believe in? because the republicans, particularly paul ryan yesterday, tony, was very specific about how many jobs their plan will provide in certain state, including battleground states like florida, chris? >> i think you are going to see
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a continuation of the policies that have helped turn this couny around. are there going to be changes along the way? i imagine so. but if you look at where we were and where we are today, it is tough to argue that the president hasn't done a pretty decent job under pretty incredibly difficult circumstances? >> jamie: tony? you know what has happened up until now? >> i have to give chris credit, it's hard to argue that the president has done a decent job. decent isn't good enough for an economy our size. people know that. we heard the growth numbers, 1.5% in our country, that's anemic and a disaster. this is the worst economic recovery since the great depression, in large part due to the fact that all we have done to try to solve the problem is grow government spending. people understand that that is not the solution. the private sector needs to be liberated. in particular, have you heard pall and all mitt romney talk about this-- the energy sector
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can create over a million jobs if you approve the keystone pipeline. if you allow our coal miners and those who seek natural gas resources to do what they have to do to start drilling and getting these things into the marketplace. the bottom line is the private sector is going to be the only engine of true economic growth and job growth. and we have a president so detached, so detached from that reality that he can't even understand -- >> jamie: chris -- >> i actual, it's amusing to hear republicans lecture democrats about the way the economy should be run considering the mess that president obama inherited was a mess that they created. >> that's nonsense. >> don't sit there and pretend that is not true. it was a lack of regulation that led to the financial crisis. -- [overlapping dialogue] >> overspending that exploded
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the surplus and wiped out what we would have had, which is fiscal solvency. so you can lecture committees and the president about how you have a better vision, but going back to the same policies that helped create this mess does not solve the problem. let's be honest about it -- >> jamie: tony, wrap it up. >> look, i think, chris has selective amnesia. these policies were declining for a very long time -- you know, chris, you are the only pundit who still blames george bush -- >> jamie: this part of the argument you have to have offline. but i appreciate both sides being represented. thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie: fox nume is the place to be for all of these debates, fair and balanced debates and great coverage of the convention. you don't need to go anywhere else. tampa first that starts next monday, august 27 through the 30th and then democrats hold
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their convention, september 3 to 6 in charlotte, north carolina. >> eric: we have new video coming in in the fighting in syria. rebel fighters reportedly battling the regime for control of the airport in syria's largest sea of aleppo. we go to turkey, where thousands of syrians have been escaping. steve, you have beens inin the middle of the battle. what's going on now? >> reporter: eric, most significant thing is the first public appearance by syria's president. he made his appearance in a mosque near the presidential palace. he hasn't been seen since an explosion in damascus claimed the lives of four of his chief aides, including his brother-in-law and defense minister. it was a very brief appearance, filmed for state television. assad's vice-president was not there.
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there has been speculation and claims by the rebels that the syrian vice-president has defected. that has been denied by the government as he did defect that, would be the second key leader to leave this regime in the past month. in the meantime, fighting continues in aleppo, where the rebels cling to the city, fighting close to the airport, the airport is the chief supply line for government forces in that major city. finally, north, near the border with turkey, small town, many of them controlled by the rebels, continue to be shelled by government forces. more than two hours of artillery. the towns are ghost towns and the people who remain are facing real shortages of food, water and electricity. >> eric: thank you so much. in israel, lots of public debate over the possibility of a preemptive strike on the iran disputed nuclear program. and ahmadinejad branded israel
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again as, quote, an insult to humanity and called it a corrupt minority. some estimates say the clock is ticking with less than a year before the point of no return. there were calls this morning for a dramatic development, a visit to israel by president obama. would that help? let's bring in the former ambassador to the united nations, live in tel aviv. good morning. do you think the president's visit could send a strong message? >> good morning, eric. well... any visit by the president of the united states will be very welcome, especially as this president has not visited israel during his first term, while he has visited the region. we would very much welcome a visit by president obammasm but at the same time, it would be a visit which would have to bring with it a very, very clear
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message, both to the israeli leadership and to the israeli people. a message of commitment by the united states that it will not allow iran to become nuclear and that it will use force if necessary, before it is too late. that's the only way such a visit can beesquive, can restore trust and make the israeli people truly believe that they can rely on the strongest and only ally, the united states. >> eric: some may say, a visit wouldn't be necessary, pointing out that only jimmy carter and president clinton visited israel in their first terms. what more would you like to see from the white house, as iran continues to apparently defy the international community? >> i believe what we need from the united states and from the white house is a very clear commitment that will it will not
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allow iran to become nuclear, just saying that it is not acceptable is sadly not enough. you know, we are -- you have just shown pictures from syria where president assad has been butchering his own people for months, killing over 20,000 people while the world does nothing and the united states cannot even get a resolution in the security council. the united states has over the years said tell not accept a nuclear pakistan and it did. it said it would never accept a nuclear north korea. and it did. so who are we to trust and who are we to believe? israel cannot just rely on promises. you know, for the united states, this may be something which they could wait with. they are far away. they are very large. they are not vulnerable. israel is very near, it is very small, and very vulnerable.
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that is why israel cannot afford any mistakes. this is not, as i said, a reality show. this is the real thing. this is reality. this is not survivor where you chuck someone off the island. this is the survival of israel and of the jewish state. therefore, while the united states may think there is time, we feel time is running out. we feel the point of no return is very near and we cannot afford make any mistakes. so any commitment by the united states whether we have to be very clear, including a deadline, to the iranians saying, if by this date you do not stop, we will stop you and we will use every means, including military means to make sure you do not do it. but as i said, recent history just backing now the syria and history over the years, both in pakistan and north korea, at the end of the day, probably, we can rely only on ourselves.
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>> eric: briefly, the president has said there is too much loose talk of war. briefly, you are calling for a specific deadline for your country to give a deadline? >> well, i think there is too much talk of war. i think this is very much the case of, like they said in that famous film, you know, if you want to shoot, shoot, don't talk. but it is now a public debate which i think must be resolved, one way or another. the only way it can be resolved for israel is by a clear commitment and action on the part of the united states. i am sure the president and the united states administration have their own way of conveying messages to tehran without them being public. >> eric: ambassador, thank you. we are on top of this story, of course, that is so important. jamie? >> jamie: president obama says he has a new plan to reduce
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rising gas prices. but will it be enough to keep the prices down? or another move to score political points? we will ask the chairman of forbes media to join us, live. >> eric: take a look at this. it is only the second time in 131 years that old ironsides will be sailing on her own power. she is out there in boston bay, august 19, 1812 was the huge victory, re-enacking it today. live video will be on this wonderful sunday morning in boston, as the constitution sails again.
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>> jamie: welcome back. this is a scam that is costing cell phone and land lines millions of dollars. it's called cramming. it's when con artists get ahold of your phone number and use it like a credit card. they add charges to your phone bill for services you may have never ordered. you definitely are getting charged for it. in today's take-charge consumer protection segm, i wanted to tell you about cramming and how it avoid it from happening to you.
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the best person to tell you about it is the attorney general from illinois who has seen the scam grow and has taken action. thank you so much for joining us. >> jamie, it's my pleasure. thank you. >> jamie: you are from the second state that assigned a law against cramming. it is 300 million false charges a year, adding up to $2 billion. are those numbers correct? >> those numbers are accurate. it is happening to 15 to 20 million people a year. it is truly an unbelievable number. and wais truly shocking is that 1 out of 20 people figures out they are being crammed. so you are talking about 5% of the people who are crammed who even know what happens. it's a persistent and pervasive scam over 10 to 15 years on your landline and it is starting to move to your wireless bill as well. >> jamie: how do you know and
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what does the law do to prevent it? >> the way you find out if you are being crammed is to check your phone bill. there will be a seconds on the bill that talks about other services. so if you see something on your phone bill and you don't know what it is about and it is usually a charge that can be anywhere from $9.99 to $49.99, you need to follow up. you need to call the phone company and call the number on the phone bill and ask about what that service might be. what our law did is because over the past 15 years we have filed 30 lawsuits, we decided, it's done. there is no way we can litigate our way out of this, so we have simply said, we are banning third-party charges on land line bills. while we were negotiating the bill, at&t and verizon said, okay, we will stop doing this. in a week, they tell stop doing that, but there are a lot of carriers who would not agree to
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this. >> jamie: are the phone carriers unknowing participants in this? in the research i have been reading and i have been working on this idea for months, i wanted people to know. there is a billing aggregator. they're the ones that falsely claim you ordered a service and then would charge it to your bill. who are those people? >> they're the middle men. so essentially, you have the otright con artist, the alleged vendors, providing you with a service, although it's a service you didn't want and you don't need and you probably never authorized. what they do is send the charge to what is known as a billing aggregator, who sends the charge to the carrier, the at&t, verizon, who put it on your phone bill. so the real answer is, the phone companies know what is going on. the reason they know what is going on is that they actually profit from this practice. it is not an enormous amount, but it's substantial enough that
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they have only recently looked up and said, all right, there is a problem and we will address it because of the consumer complaints. but they know wais going on -- >> jamie: wow. >> they have made money from it. >> jamie: of all the take-charge consumer segments i have done, this is a wow. check your home bill and your cell phone bill. attorney general, great work on this. i hope other states will take notice and take charge. thank you. >> jamie, thank you. >> jamie: for more on how you can take charge on a number of consumer issues, go to fox news dot-com and see a link for america's news, our show and you will find many of the programs consumer protection segments. >> eric: i don't want to be crammed. do you want to be crammed? no. >> jamie: check it out. >> eric: coming up, voter i.d., you know, it's a huge political lightning rod. a judge in a battleground state upheld its law this last week. coming up, we'll have a reaction
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and tell what you it means. >> jamie: there are millions of american who is could soon be feeling the squeeze at the pump again. yeah, prices on the rise. the obama administration may have a plan to ease that pain. we will take a look at it with steve forbes, the author of a new book. he will be with us to talk about that, next. >> eric: look at this. the uss constitution. man, oh, man, she is stale sailing again, only for the second time in the 131-year history. she will be sailingurn her own power, the scuttling of a british warship in an 12 that helped to create this country. the uss constitution in boston bay. live pictures with the history and pomp and circumstance, straight ahead. hey, i love your cereal there -- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck.
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right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one.
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>> eric: a my round of west nile has started if suburban dallas. there is a massive effort to control the disease. so far, at least 10 people have been... succumb canned in dallas county alone, to west nile. elizabeth pran is following that outbreak. it is cropping up in a number of states. what are they doing? what's the latest? >> reporter: that's right. there have been deaths in half a dozen states and hundreds of reported cases, according to the cdc, the highest number of cases in the state of texas, where 14 people have died, six deaths in louisiana, among a number of other states and just last night, a cancer survivor in illinois died after being infected with the virus. now we are seeing texas officials take the fight head-on. for the first time in decade, they are continuing aerial sprays in the county tone, ever a two-day delay, due to very bad storms and flooding in the dallas area.
11:30 am
more than 80,000 acres have been covered with the insect repellant. but officials want to spray another 200,000, in an attempt to get a handle on the spread of the virus. humid weather and standing water have left a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. dallas counselee judge is encouraging folks to pray for the weather to cooperate. listen. >> i am asking you as your county judge, the faith-based community, pray for light winds and no rain sunday from 8:30 to 2:00, monday from 8:30 to 2:00 and tuesday from 8:30 to 2:00. >> reporter: the epa says the insecticide doesn't pose a significant threat to humans or animals. but they are taking precautions to minimize exposure. as far as the west nile virus is concerned, people should pay attention to any symptoms.
11:31 am
more severe cases bring very high fever, headache, disorientation. milder cases, body aches and vomiting and swollen lymph glands. four out of five people won't see any symptoms at all t. takes 3 to 4 days to start to feel the symptoms. so if have you any question, contact your local physician. >> eric: if have you any standing water, dump t. elizabeth prann, thanks. >> jamie: oil prices are skyrocketing, hith their highest level in three months, just last friday. gas prices have jumped 39 cents a gallon since last month. the white house is considering tapping into the nation's oil reserves to ease prices. last year, the u.s. released 30 million barrels of oils from the strategic petroleum reserve with limited success. so is it a good idea to do it
11:32 am
now? steve forbes is the author of the book, the freedom manifesto, why free markets are scmoarl big government isn't. he is the chairman and editor of forbes media and joins us often. it is great to have you here. good morning. >> good to be with you, jamie. >> jamie: so, i read the book. >> terrific. >> jamie: at time, it's disturbing, it is a very realistic picture. you say this is a turning point. let's talk about the gas price situation, first. the president and the white house say through senior spokesmen that they may open the reserve, it's on the table. would it benefit us? or his campaign? >> it's the campaign. which in his mind benefits all of us. but it's an election-year ploy, sending up the prices of oil and uncertainty about the middle-east with the chance of a blowup between iran and israel. the cheap dollar, the gold price and the oil prices correlate very closely, hindering production here at home and the
11:33 am
feeling that we will continue to hind or production sends future prices up so the strategic petroleum reserve, short term, minimal, long term, zipo. >> jamie: what about more drilling here? >> if you rimove barriers to production and allow free enterprise to work, you have seen what it has done in natural gas, the norwegians do off-shore drilling, they are not known for being hostile to the environment oa greater level than we do. brazil and others are doing it. if the epa gets out of the way and it will be reasonable, you would see a huge increase in production of energy in this country, and i prices would come down. is that what republicans would do? >> i think republicans will. if romney is elected, he will build the keystone pipeline and remove the artificial barriers to permitting in this counselry and make sure the epa does not
11:34 am
block fracking and getting more natural gas -- >> jamie: sounds like more jobs, too -- >> and -- and it's a good economy when have you cheaper energy, more jobs, more growth, what's want to like. >> jamie: you are obviously an extremely successful businessman. have you written the book to talk about how the government can be more proact 95 getting our economy back on track. you make some interesting comparsorngs for example, you talk about fedex, versus the post office and paychecks versus food stamps. in making these comparisons, what can we take from the book, it seems like people will get a lot of ideas to narrow their focus and decision? >> yes, we are at a moral crossroads. do we want an economy based on freedom and free markets or ever-expanding bureaucracy? when you allow the free marks to operate, you only succeed when you meet the needs and wants of other people. government expands for its own purposes.
11:35 am
they accuse private markets of being greedy, but government is greedy. if you are not meeting the needs and wants of other people, you are shove to the side. you can't count on the politicianses, so have you cronyism, versus meritocracy, which we saw with apple. >> jamie: why doesn't the democrat government now, especially in the time they had complete control of the houses -- why don't they see that formula working? >> they have this idea that government takes away the harshness of the free market, that government helps to have a safety net for the poor and the like. but we explain in this book, government is actually the enemy of the poor. government make its harder for people to rise up, as abraham lincoln wrote in "improve your lot in life." roosevelt made the depression prolonged. and the government, more often than not when it goes giant the basic functions, hurts the
11:36 am
economy. >> you know a bit about running for president. you had two bids for the nomination. as you look at the candidates, is there a place in either campaign for humanity, something that you feel is important to bring back to this country, as well as morals? >> i think what romney and ryan have to do is make forthrightly the case that free markets are moral, that they reduce the barriers between groups of people and enlances humanity and enables people to have a better life. and government is the enemy. government looks out for its own interest, not the interest of the people. they wrap themselves in a cloak of morality, but free markets are moral, government is the greedy one. >> jamie: do you believe and does your book conclude, for those who evaporate had the privilege of reading it yet -- i did -- that we can get there? are you pessimistic? >> no. i am optimistic. you see the american people rising up, like the tea party, which is thousandings of groups.
11:37 am
people are realizing that the basics are meritocracy, not government, and freedom. >> jamie: it was a very interesting and productive read to get everybody's mind thinking about the future. it's called freedom manifesto, why free marks are moral and government isn't. these are your opinions, we report, folks died. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> jamie: eric? >> eric: to the voter fraud unit. a brazen voter fraud attempt in massachusetts, a republican state representative in east longmeadow that. contest being investigated after allegations of fake absentee ballots, some they say -- illegally switch from the democratic party to the g.o.p. primary. but the big news was in pennsylvania, the landmark voter i.d. decision there. a judge backing voter i.d. in
11:38 am
the crucial swing state. opponents, who are appell peeling, say i it suppresses elderly votes and say it will prevent people f from voting. supporters say it can help stop voter fraud. the judge wrote that voter i.d. is reasonable and not discriminatory. to vote in person, everyone must present a voter i.d. that can be obtained for free t. doesn't disenfranchise any elector or group of electors, but it gives a tool to verify that the person voting is the person they claim to be. joining us from philadelphia is the deputy secretary of state, shannon royard. >> thank you for having me. >> eric: you know what will happen? it is going to be nuts on election day. you will have these people showing up saying, i didn't know i had to have a voter i.d., i left my driver's republicans at home. i have to stand in line again. i don't want to do that. how do you make it go smoothly?
11:39 am
>> well, we have in pennsylvania for our new voter i.d. law, an extensive education campaign. we think it is unprecedented. we will be spending $5 million to educate voters by television, radio, web, mailing every householder in the state, informing them about the new law and telling them the i.d.s they can use on election day. just as important, if they don't have an i.d., where they can get one for free. so the election is still 2 and-a-half months away. it is plenty of time for people to learn about the law and plenty of time for people to get an i.d. for voting purposes if they don't have it. >> eric: opponents say it's a republican plot to stop people from voting? >> i say that's abcush. what this voterited d. law does and what voter i.d. laws in other states have done is enhance confidence in our election results. it provides a sense of fairness
11:40 am
and integrity in our elections. anyone that says that voter i.d. suppresses the vote for example, which is what you said, i think that is just ridiculous. in pennsylvania, the polls on voter i.d. shows widespread support for our voter i.d. law, over sick% nsome polls 70%. normal people understands that this is the right thing to do. >> eric: the aclu and others went to court. they are appealing judge simpson's ruling. the main plaintiff in your case was a 93-year-old woman, in the interviews leading up to this case and in her testimony she said that she wasn't going to be able to vote. here's a quote from her, a week ago, she said, i am stuck, you see. they really got me over a barrel. they did it for one reason, she says, to replace obama. too many black people can't vote. he'll be out. she did not have an i.d., she said she couldn't get one. the aclu said she was
11:41 am
discriminated against. on friday, she walks in and gets one. she has a photo-i.d. now. what happened? >> it's extraordinary, the day after the judge issued his decision, miss apolewhite, who is a lovely lady in her 90s, once met dr. martin luther king, walked into our driver's license center and with ease walked out with an i.d. that she can use for voter purposes. >> eric: anybody can do that? >> anyone can do that. well over 4,000 i.d.s have been issued to folks across pennsylvania, since the law was passed and signed into law march 14. we have had hardly any problems. so if the lead plaintiff against voter i. d. can with ease get a voter iermentd d., shower -- i.d., surely anyone else can. >> eric: miss applewhite will be able to rote and folks in pennsylvania have two months.
11:42 am
thanks for joining us. if you suspect voter fraud where you live, there is the address, if you suspect problems at the polls where you are. we read all the emails. jamie? >> jamie: remembering the victims of september 11. the memorial ride, it happens every year. it began in pennsylvania, roared into new york city, a live report from the road, coming up. this man is about to be the millionth customer. would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and wifty thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. people don't li to miss out on money that should have been theirs. that's why at ally we have the raise your rate 2-year cd. you can get a one-time rate increase if our two-year rate goes up. if your bank mes you miss out, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. wouldn't it be nice if there was an easier,
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>> jamie: the annual 9/11 memorial ride completing its journ tow new york this morning. the event began thursday in shanksville, pennsylvania. on friday, riders headed to washington to pay their respects at the pentagon memorial. from there, it was on to the world trade center in new york. we go there now, live. >> reporter: hey, there, jamie. this is the 11th year that
11:47 am
hundreds of riders from the 9/11 foundation have been able to come to ground zero. but this is the first year they have been able to visit the memorials in shanksville and here at the world trade center. this is the final leg of the motorcycle ride. after arriving in new york city yesterday, the group traveled through 6 states in washington, d.c. a board member gets emotional when he talks about riding through small towns. >> this is a bucket list ride. this is something have you to do at least once in your life. once you do it, you will want to come back and do it again because of the raw emotion that -- that people feel. and to see the response that we get from the small towns that we go through, people literally lining the streets. >> reporter: richard is a tower 2 survivor, honoring his son-in-law's best friend who, lost his life, trying to save others. he says 9/11 still haunts him today. >> i experience highs and
11:48 am
lows. i got through this speech this morning, pretty well. there are time when is i start crying. i'm 66 years old, i guess when i stop crying, you can put me in the ground. it's an emotional impact. it's difficult to see on the surface, but people carry it in their heart, every day. >> reporter: for our years of coverage and support of the 9/11 foundation, presented me with a flag on behalf of fox newschannel, flown over all three crash sites. today, the 9/11 foundation has raised $180,000 in scholarship money for kids of active first responders across the country. back to you. >> jamie: spectacular. thank you. >> eric: talking about our country, the uss constitution is sailing. there is stunning video of the historic event, the first time she's been out on her own power in 131 years. we will keep you up to date. those little things still get you. for you, life's about her.
11:49 am
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>> eric: earlier this week, the media went bonkers over wild speculation that president o-- president obama could replace joe biden with secretary of
11:53 am
state, hillary clinton. we have a commentary about that now with liz trotaism the momentary panic among democratic sympathizers about knock vice-president joe biden off the ticket was just that. the president quickly assured us that biden was staying, blunting speculation that secretary of state hillary clinton, waiting in the wings or not, would replace him. nevertheless, clinton acolytes fell into their usual swoon, reporting the updates and social notes and how bill and hillary and daughter chelsea are doing. even when the clintons are out of sight, which is rare, they can't resist waxing. he lectures that stiff rates and raises millions for obama and pulls the president's coals out of the fire. although a diplomat, she too
11:54 am
lectures-- the russian, the chinese, the iranians and roams the world, priewblably solving knotty problems virtually every hour. last week, we report about the african-american african-american tour, braving the deadly ebola virus in uganda, still hillary has come a long way from that tale of 16 years ago, when she talked about landing in bosnia under sniper fire, a story she was forced to retract. reporters traveling with her now file stories aboutow she never sweats -- literally -- a sure sign of presidential timber. the coolest cucumber of them all, taking the worries from oval office calls in the middle of the night. while the guessing game drags on about whether hillary clinton will run for president in 2016, news of her husband and daughter
11:55 am
have filled the gap. bill is said to have eclipsed obama on the main stage in prime time at the democratic convention. obama knows who sells the tickets and gets the votes, more than anything, he needs bill's charm. while we are waiting for bill's convention gig, vogue magazine published on the usually quiet chelsea -- as quiet as a cellcelebrity in residence can be. seems she wants to go into politics one day, but only if she thinks her high mindedness is required. that got big play. but then again, it is august. to many democrats, bill clinton is still the heroic president of yesteryear, the man who could win and set the world straight. the latest line is that even republicans get misty eyed when they recall the days of more worthy opponents than obam asuch as bill clinton. doesn't the president wish he had the favorability rate that
11:56 am
this clinton's scored in a recent gallup poll? 66% -- each. no, the clinton machine never stops. how about this from the hill? web site of political stars. i quote-- the clintons are one of the great love stories of our age. they have suffer in the deepest valleys and ascended the highest mountains. throughout it all, they have never lost their joy for the game and their love of people. well, you get the idea. >> eric: that's liz's commentary mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios
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